Need workers compensation insurance coverage? Insuremart can provide your required coverage with reduced premiums.

You may be legally required to provide workers compensation insurance for your truck drivers even if they aren’t considered employees.

In today’s gig economy, the line between contractor and employee is becoming blurrier. You may not have any “employees.” You may issue every single driver a 1099 as an independent operator, but the state can still require you to provide for their worker’s compensation insurance coverage. And what they say goes.

Commercial trucking is one of the riskiest jobs in America

Your drivers are literally putting life and limb on the line every time they climb into the cab of one of your trucks, crank the engine, and hit the open road. Providing them with workers compensation insurance coverage to protect them against the devastating financial effects of a serious trucking mishap isn’t just more red tape for your business to cut through, it’s the law. And it’s the right thing to do.

Just because you have to buy workers comp, though, doesn’t mean you have to pay through the nose

At Insuremart, we’ve spent the last two decades going to battle for our clients to get them the absolute lowest workers compensation premiums to provide this much-needed coverage. 

We’ve spent a lifetime building contacts within 100+ of the most respected, highly rated insurance companies in the industry. We can leverage those connections on your behalf to get the coverage you need and the low premiums your bottom line demands.

Are you ready for commercial trucking insurance that costs less and covers more?