Trucking general liability insurance protects against the unexpected. Insuremart gives you more coverage for less money.

Lawyers are looking for any excuse to sue trucking companies, you need friends in your corner when life gets messy.

Stuff happens. It’s the fundamental fact of life. If it can go wrong it will go wrong… eventually. Your truck will be involved in an accident. It’s going to happen.

  • Death & Disability
  • Pain & Suffering
  • Lost Wages
  • Emotional Distress

Every TV station in every city in America is running commercials from local lawyers looking to turn the worst day of your life into their biggest payday of theirs.

Without sufficient trucking general liability insurance, your little bit of bad luck or once-in-a-lifetime mistake can put you out of the trucking business for the rest of your lifetime.

More trucking liability insurance is better, and not enough is against the law.

Most state trucking regulators require a minimum of $750,000 in general liability insurance for truckers operating in their area, and many
shippers require at least $1 million. The lawyers have their sights set on millions though. When it comes to protecting your assets, your business, and your future, more is better.

Insuremart is licensed in all 48 lower states to get you the coverage your need at the savings you’re hoping to find.

With over 20 years of experience, we’ve got a dozen dedicated insurance agents and professionals teamed up to find the lowest liability insurance premiums for your business from the 100+ top-rated, trustworthy insurance companies we maintain a broker relationship with.

We know how to get a better deal, on better coverage, and help make your business and your bottom line better.

Are you ready for commercial trucking insurance that costs less and covers more?