Need bobtail insurance coverage? Insuremart can help you save on insurance that starts where your provided coverage ends.

Don’t lose money when you’re not making money

It’s the first rule of business. You’re only making money when your truck is loaded, when the wheels are turning, when you’ve got freight on board. 

You’re covered then. If you’re an independent driver, an owner-operator, or you’re driving under a lease to a company that provides all your loads, then odds are pretty good you’re covered under their insurance when you’re hauling their loads. 

But when the freight gets delivered, that protection ends. You’re not making any money, but if you don’t have bobtail coverage, you could be risking everything.

Bobtail insurance from Insuremart protects your business from financial loss if your trucks are involved in accidents without a load attached

Don’t even think about it. Driving without bobtail insurance coverage has brought more than one commercial trucking operator to a sudden exit from the trucking business. You should have it, but you don’t have to keep paying so much for it.

Our team is in the business of saving your team money on bobtail coverage

Jason and Ziede Young started Insuremart two decades ago to bring unprecedented personal service, uncompromised financial protections, and unquestionable insurance savings to businesses like yours.  

With connections at over 100 of America’s most admired insurance carriers, we can broker your bobtail insurance with substantial savings over what you would pay at a dedicated agency representing only one corporate carrier, or even those agencies with a handful of relationships. Relationships are everything in insurance.

We can leverage our connections to get you substantial savings without sacrificing coverage, your financial wellbeing, or your peace of mind.

Are you ready for commercial trucking insurance that costs less and covers more?